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UK sets new ambitious 2030s Carbon Target

UK sets new ambitious 2030s Carbon Target

As Elmhurst highlighted yesterday, DECC have this morning announced the signing of the 5th carbon Budget which is set to reduce emissions 57% by 2032 on 1990 levels.

As Elmhurst has long campaigned for, we must ensure that ‘Energy Efficiency’ is put at the heart of policies to steer us towards this new long term goal. UK buildings still significantly contribute to our carbon emissions; and the focus needs to now shift from solely ‘energy production’ to ‘energy efficiency’. A good mix of the two will see this happen, and for members of the public and businesses this could mean warmer homes/offices, and cheaper fuel bills.

We will keep on informing Industry and the Government that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Energy Saving is the cheapest form of energy, and we need to ensure that our building stock is well insulated and uses efficient technologies to light and heat them. We are pleased that DECC have announced this today and we all look forward to working towards this new target.

Stuart Fairlie – Head of Technical

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