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UK Ministers to approve the world leading carbon emissions target

UK Ministers to approve the world leading carbon emissions target

Elmhurst is very pleased this morning to see reports suggesting that DECC will approve the new carbon target for the 2030s. The so called ‘5th Carbon Budget’, which was put forward by the Committee on Climate Changes last November, is likely to be agreed  very soon, which is required by the Climate Change Act.

This new carbon commitment builds upon previous targets enshrined by the original Kyoto Protocol;  moving the target to a 57% reduction on 1990 levels of emissions.

The commitment is very welcome, as the Green Sector feared the potential for watering down of any standards and leadership on climate changed from the UK following the outcome of the EU referendum. Ratifying this commitment, DECC will send out a clear and defiant message that life goes on, and that business and the economy can move towards a cleaner, greener future together.

Indeed Christiana Figueres (UN Climate Chief), who played a very key role in the recent UN Paris Climate Deal, which the UK signed, has also used the famous British saying of “keep calm and carry on” to be followed; the fact that the UK voted out of the EU, is irrelevant to the UN commitment on Carbon reduction. She adds that the UK played a very important part in the leadership of climate change and there is no reason to change this.

Energy Efficiency and reducing Carbon emissions has long been an ambition of Elmhurst and its members. To be able to achieve these ambitious goals, the use of appropriate measuring tools are required. Elmhurst are very much looking forward to leadership and authority from UK Government and us all getting on with making a real difference.

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