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Quodox Energy acquires National Home Energy Rating (NHER) energy assessment scheme

Quodox Energy acquires National Home Energy Rating (NHER) energy assessment scheme

Quodox Energy, has announced the acquisition of the National Home Energy Rating (NHER) energy assessment scheme from National Energy Services Ltd (NES) with a plan to combine the best of NHER and Quodox Energy into one market-leading scheme for energy assessors.

The National Energy Foundation, an organisation that remains very active in the sector and a partner of Quodox Energy, founded the NHER in 1990. In 2003, Quodox Energy and the team at NHER started co-developing the RdSAP energy rating methodology. This has become the foundation of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and has been a reliable foundation for every government energy efficiency initiative for UK homes since.

“Since 2007, when EPCs became a legal requirement, our journeys have been very similar and both organisations are now of a similar scale, pedigree and ethos, both occupying the premium end of the assessor accreditation sector,” says Stephen O’Hara, Chairman of Quodox Energy. “The team at Quodox is totally committed to providing NHER members with a smooth and painless transition which will result in a combined scheme that has significant benefits for all members. I look forward to welcoming NHER members to Quodox Energy”

Quodox Energy is confident the merger will result in:

  • better products and services that take the best from both schemes
  • more resources to develop great software
  • more staff to deliver the highest levels of technical service
  • better value
  • an unrivalled combined knowledge and intellect that reinforces Quodox ‘Excellence in Energy Assessment’ position

“Given NHER’s standing and reputation in the industry, I am delighted at this decision,” says Managing Director of Quodox Energy, Martyn Reed. “We look forward to delivering quality services and making the transition as seamless as possible to maintain the high standards of service for members in the future.”

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