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Quodox continue to campaign on your behalf

Quodox continue to campaign on your behalf

As ‘the’ established experts in energy assessment, we are passionate about supporting a sustainable industry for energy assessors alongside energy efficiency product and service providers.

Our vision is to create an energy efficient society and we believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves, our members and the community at large to speak up on matters of energy efficiency, to keep this critical issue within the political and business agenda and to maintain the Energy Performance Certificate as a valuable cornerstone of future energy efficiency initiatives.

We get involved by:

1. Actively listening to our members and refining our own position based on input from the ground roots.

2. Working with Government to create pragmatic and workable energy assessment solutions

3. Identifying and communicating changes in the energy assessment industry.

4. Formulating a position, even when that might be perceived by some as challenging, if we believe it to be right.

5. Proactively speaking on behalf of industry members who share our vision.

A look at our latest news will show 13 items published in the last month alone, most notably articles on deemed scores, the referendum, the rise in fuel poverty and the SOR consultation response all of which advocate EPCs as needing to be part the solution.

In addition to the above, in the last month we;

• wrote to 2,500 estate agents across the country explaining that despite they Referendum result it was still a legal requirement for provide an EPC
• wrote to the Government departments of DCLG (E&W) and BSD (Scotland) asking for their support in reinforcing the legal requirement. Scotland responded to our request and issued a statement to call accreditation bodies, which we then reproduced.
• wrote to the two new ministers (Sajid Javid in DCLG and Greg Clark in B,E&IS) explaining the important of EPCs and requesting a meeting to promote EPCs
• initiated the review of QA procedures so that we can focus on the output (i.e. the EPC), rather than the sheep dip approach that looks solely at the process of creating it, that all scheme currently have to follow.
• wrote to our Local MP to ask for a meeting to promote EPCs for all government policies
• responded to the deemed scores for Ofgem – demonstrating fervently that EPCs were 100% required in ECO to target fuel poverty families (click here to see our response)

and the list goes on…..

You are most welcome to read our last newsletter which gives a flavour of the work we do behind the scenes (this was published just before the Referendum- see here)

We at Elmhurst helped create what you now know as the EPC, it was through using our extensive knowledge and real life experience of providing business solutions to rate the energy efficiency of buildings way before any European Directive came about that the UK was able to provide a standardised approach to Energy Rating using EPCs. Our solutions were used by thousands of clients including Chartered Surveyors, Architects, House Builders, Building Control Bodies, Insulation Manufacturers, Residential Social Landlords etc  Through the 14 years before EPCs and since, we thoroughly understand energy assessment and more importantly we passionately believe in it.

Elmhurst’s expertise in this sector continues, we have been heavily involved in all the amendments and changes to the EPC and RdSAP/SAP methodology from the start, and there have been many! It is now a very different methodology from the beginning, but at its heart it is still a measuring tool to compare and contrast domestic dwellings to enable consumers to understand how energy efficient the property is and to give people the opportunity to understand how they can improve the energy performance of their home.  We at Elmhurst value our history but ensure that we build upon it to always be at the cutting edge of this fast moving industry.

As an Accreditation Scheme we believe we offer more; we say more, we campaign more and we stand up for assessors and the industry.

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