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Poverty Costs us £78bn a year

Poverty Costs us £78bn a year

In a depressing, but unfortunately familiar report, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has claimed that poverty costs the UK £78bn a year. The NHS shoulders the brunt of the costs (£29bn), as those living in poverty are more likely to suffer ill health. The figures also do not include money spent on benefits. The money is made up of various amounts spent on other direct costs including; school initiatives (£10bn), policing & criminal justice system (£9bn), child services (£7.5bn), adult social care (£4.6bn) and housing (£4bn).

The reports claims that “by living in cold, damp or unsanitary housing, there is “clearly” a link” to poverty.

Quodox has long campaigned for the eradication of ‘fuel’ poverty’.

We as a nation must ensure that homes are warm and people can afford to heat them adequately. It is even more reason to back Quodox campaign to ensure that the reduced sum of money in the new reformed ECO Policy are directed towards those families in greatest need. We must target E, F and G rated homes first and put the families at the heart of the new ECO Policy.

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