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OFGEM issue ECO2 consultation with just five weeks to respond

OFGEM issue ECO2 consultation with just five weeks to respond

Late on Friday before the bank holiday weekend, OFGEM published its “Deemed Scores” consultation which, if accepted, will be implemented in April 2017.

Elmhurst has already made its views on deemed scores widely known with articles published inFebruary and March.

In essence the consultation will only take account of the:

  1. Property type (flat, terraced house etc) and size (number of bedrooms)
  2. The primary heating system and fuel (central or room heating / mains gas or LPG or etc)
  3. The measure type to be installed (all measures actually installed under ECO2 will remain available).

Elmhurst initial reaction is:

1) Deemed scores can only ever be broad brush estimation of the carbon savings, meaning non standard properties will be disadvantaged, and higher performing and innovative measures disadvantaged.

An RdSAP EPC should always be maintained as an alternative to deemed scoring to ensure that the benefits of an installation (measure) can be calculated fairly.

2) Move ECO away from the current focus on ‘how much money is being spent’ towards ‘the actual improvement achieved’.

Government should insist that each installation is independently assessed by a qualified and accredited energy assessor after the installation is complete to demonstrate the success of ECO in objective terms.

3) For many households the improvement delivered by ECO will only be the start of the story. A householder presented with an EPC that demonstrate the saving made, and other potential savings, will help to change societies attitude to energy and energy efficiency.

Government should create a process where householders are supplied with an RdSAP EPC which is an authoritative independent report on the energy efficiency of their home and a  list of cost effective recommendations for improvement.

Critically for our Members the most important statements in the consultation are that;

1) It will “not be necessary for a DEA to verify the inputs”, instead technical monitoring companies will get the responsibility on the small percentage they are required to investigate. The rest will be self declared

2)  The consultation closes on 8th July 2016, just five weeks away

Elmhurst encourages Members to read the full 24 page consultation here, and to have your say.

Elmhurst will certainly be responding and will continue to do everything it can to demonstrate the value of EPCs and the energy assessment process that produces them.

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