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Green Deal assessments, which have been in freefall for months, may have bottomed out after remaining at a similar level for two months in a row, according to the latest figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.


There were just 8,517 assessments lodged in September, making it the fourth lowest month since the scheme began in January 2013, but that was just 1% lower than the 8,579 assessments lodged in August.

In total 607,135 Green Deal assessments were lodged throughout the scheme up to the end of September, but the monthly figure has faltered in 2015 due to uncertainty surrounding the election, and fell dramatically after the July announcement of the ending of support for the Green Deal Finance Company.


The 8,579 Green Deal Assessments carried out in August were 39% lower than the 14,097 lodged in the previous month, and the fourth lowest month since the scheme began on 28 January 2013, showing that predictably the public and the ‘green’ industry quickly deserted the scheme when cash for energy efficiency improvements was withdrawn.


In the glory days of Green Deal, when the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was launched, there were a series of monthly records for assessments, with 29,018 lodged in June 2014, and an all time record of 37,194 assessments lodged in the following month.


Green Deal Plans are now closed to new applicants, but figures show that 15,231 households had Plans in progress at the end of September 2015, a one per cent decrease from the 15,408 Plans in progress at the end of August 2015.


Provisional figures for ECO measures show that the downward spiral for that scheme continues, with 27,296 measures installed in August, the latest month for which figures are available, which was 13% lower than the 31,388 installed in July 2015.


Around 1.63 million measures were installed in around 1.32 million properties through ECO, Cashback, GD Plans and the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund to the end of August, 96% of them delivered through ECO.

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