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Energy-saving tips from Which?

Homeowners across the UK should be preparing for the coming colder months and consumer watchdog Which? has unveiled some useful tips that could help households to stay warm this winter.

One of the first areas that anyone hoping to make their property more energy-efficient at this time of year should examine is the impact of poor draught exclusion, as draught-proofing can be one of the most effective means of holding in heat when the temperature outside begins to tumble.

Draught exclusion should focus on creating a workable seal around windows and doors, while examining the level of home insulation and installing the recommended amounts if necessary can also go a long way towards reducing heat loss.

Cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and solid wall insulation are three of the most common and popular measures that homeowners tend to go for, although their use generally depends upon the type of property, its age and construction.

Furthermore, winter can be a time when heating systems are put through their paces and it is therefore important for homeowners to arrange for annual boiler services to ensure everything is operating at optimal efficiency.

When these checks have been carried out and the recommended level of insulation has been installed, homeowners might also find they are able to make additional savings by turning down their thermostat, as the amount of heat that will be retained within the property will be greatly increased.

Overall, winter can be a difficult time in terms of household heating and affordability in terms of extra bills, but by investing in energy-saving measures before the mercury really falls, households could be far better off this winter than they might have thought possible.

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