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CPD FOR Domestic Energy Assessors

Course Overview

CPD is an annual requirement and coincides with the start and end date of the individual assessor’s certification. Within the certification year, the assessor must:

  • Complete 10 hours valid CPD per certification strand i.e. DEA
  • For any additional strands, the certified assessor must complete an additional 5 hours valid CPD per additional strand i.e. DEA & NDEA (NDEA Level 3, 4 and DECs count as one strand)

Our seminar in domestic energy assessment will be the perfect chance for you to get any questions of your chest, keep upto date with new technologies, and complete five hours of your CPD annual requirements.

Our CPD Includes

  • Interactive training
  • Friendly tutorials
  • RDSAP software training
  • Refreshments throughout the Course
  • Technical support and help line


Our CPD Structure

  • What is RDSAP?
  • Construction, Walls, alternative walls, roofs, roofed rooms & Age of Properties
  • Floors, draught proofing, doors & windows
  • Heating and hot water, Heat recovery systems, Flue gas heat recovery systems, Waste water heat recovery systems, 24hour electricity tariff
  • Renewables, PV, Solar water heating, Wind turbines, Recommendations
  • New Technologies, Detailed roofed rooms, Chalet bungalows
  • Proffesional Requirements, Purpose of this CPD Module, Complaints procedure, Code of Conduct, Monitoring & Operating requirements
  • The Green Deal

Requirements, Upcoming Dates & Locations
No previous qualifications required although this seminar is meant for domestic energy assessors.

Upcoming Dates Locations Want to Book
On Demand CPD Course Harrow, London
On Demand CPD Course Manchester/ Harrow, London, Chelmsford
On Demand CPD Course Birmingham / Harrow, London
On Demand CPD Course Harrow, London, Chelmsford
On Demand CPD Course Manchester/ Harrow, London,

Course Calender

Upcoming Batch February 22, 2019
Upcoming Batch March 15, 2019
Upcoming Batch April 5, 2019
Upcoming Batch May 24, 2019
Upcoming Batch June 14, 2019

Course Summary

TIMES 9:45 to 16:30
VENUE Harrow, London
Price £100.00



Call Us: 0208 861 4838

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